Helpful Tips for a Successful Photo Sitting
You are an important part of the photo sitting. Half of the success of your sitting relies on your participation in this important process.This information sheet describes in detail what works for creating a great color executive portrait. 
How you feel will have a great impact on the outcome of your final photos. You want to look great and feel great on the day of your sitting. Therefore, I recommend that you get plenty of rest the night before your sitting to avoid puffiness in the eyes. Hydrate well and avoid salty foods in the week prior to your shoot.
If you jog or exercise, it is a good thing to do on the morning of or the day before your photo sitting. If you are planning on getting a suntan, I recommend that you wait until after your sitting 
If you shave, try to get as close of a shave as possible followed with a skin conditioner. If your sitting is in the afternoon you might consider shaving again depending on how fast your hair grows. Please trim nose, ear hairs and sideburns if you have them.
If you wear makeup, for color photography it should be 20% heavier than regular everyday wear. Apply a smooth and even oil free foundation. Avoid very dark lipsticks; mid tones in the pinks, rusts and reds work well.
Please bring your own powder and brush to the sitting otherwise we will provide you with ours. Upon request, we can also schedule a make-up artist on set to touch up or provide a complete make-over. Please call the studio for a schedule of fees.
Wear your hair in your favorite everyday style. If you plan to get a haircut, do so a week before the sitting. Please arrive to the sitting with your hair looking its best. Gels or conditioners may be used to give your hair a styled look. 
In photography, the most important rule regarding what to wear is to put together clothing combinations that create contrast. Also, wear clothes that make you feel great and that are in excellent condition. Most importantly wear clothing that properly fit you with loose threads trimmed and no missing buttons please.
Create contrast between layers of clothing with texture as well as color. Avoid very bright colors in your main articles of clothing.
If wearing a suit or blazer, please avoid light colors. Wear a darker to a middle tone jacket such as navy or charcoal grey. The best color is anything in the grey family. If it is black, it will help if it has texture or pinstripes. Again, if wearing black, and your hair is black and shoulder length or longer, wear a color that is a few shades lighter or darker than the your hair. The more contrast in the fabric weave of the jacket the better. 
If wearing a shirt, starched long sleeved shirts with a good fit work best. Lighter colors work much better than darker ones. Pinstriped shirts work as well as solids. Colors that photograph best are light blue and white. If you wear a tie, please pay close attention to how well the surface area and folds around the top button engage the tie. The goal is smooth and crisp. 
Again, if you wear a tie, make sure the knot is even and symmetrical; Windsor knots work best. Geometric patterns with contrast also work very well. Avoid tying a single knot for they always sit unsymmetrically. There are several apps that can show you how to properly tie a great knot.
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